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Treat Yo Self

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In the words of Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec, it’s important to “treat yo self.” Some people reading my blog may think that I don’t believe you should reward yourself, do something fun, buy nice things, but that is far from the truth. Treating yourself to fun things is totally okay as long as you put it in your budget!

Why You Need To Treat Yo Self

Oh life… My week seems to be a continuous schedule of work, make dinner, pack lunch, Netflix, go to bed. Day after day, my schedule stays the same and this can sometimes feel mundane. I love having something to look forward to, so this is why I still treat myself to fun or nice things. They can be simple things like a dinner out, a pedicure over the weekend, or buying a new pair of shoes. It’s exciting to do these sorts of things since it changes up our schedule or habits.

It’s also important to treat yourself as you’re working on achieving financial goals. For example, after you pay off $5,000 of debt, celebrate with dinner at a nicer restaurant! It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but a treat will keep you motivated to continue.

How To Afford To Treat Yo Self

If you’re in debt, it may seem impossible to treat yourself with something fun, but you really can do this. It’s okay. Just budget for it! Put $25 aside every month into a fun budget that you can spend on whatever you’d like. A nice meal, save for a nice purse, get a pedicure… Whatever it may be that you have fun doing, simply save for it! I recently used my fund to get some new Nike’s. I love them! I saved up my fun budget every month until I had enough to buy the shoes. The rest of my budget is spending money only on things we absolutely NEED, so it was nice to buy something I wanted!

So Treat Yo Self!

Start saving a little each month for that fun reward where you get to treat yourself! Do something small to keep yourself motivated and enjoying life. Even plan for something larger for when you’ve achieved a large goal! Jacob and I have already started planning for a cruise next fall for when we get all our loans paid off and we can’t wait!



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