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How To Save On Christmas This Year

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Christmas is only a couple weeks away! I hope you are all following that Christmas budget to purchase meaningful gifts for everyone on your list. But maybe you’re at that point in the gift-buying season where you need to find some extra ways to save on gifts… Here’s what I’m doing to save on Christmas this year and my tips for you!

1. Change Your Christmas Perspective

With all the ads that we see from mid-November and on, we’re encouraged to spend, spend, spend. We’re told that our kids need that newest and greatest toy, and you’re probably a dweeb if you don’t have the iPhone X. It’s nothing new when I say that we live in a materialistic culture.

Rather than falling into what the world wants us to believe, I would like to encourage you to change your Christmas perspective. Realign your Christmas desires with what is really important this season. Is it important that your kids each have 10 presents under the tree Christmas morning? Or is it important that your family is all together at some point during the holiday season? Would you rather have lots of things, or experiences?

For my first tip in saving this Christmas season, I want to encourage you to change your perspective on the holiday. Think about what will really be important to you for Christmas, and put more time and resources there. You don’t need to break your budget to have a memorable Christmas.

2. Shop Online With Ebates

This is an awesome and FREE way to earn while you shop. Ebates allows you to get free cash back by shopping online and making purchases you’d normally make. And you don’t have to limit Ebates shopping just to Christmas! You can use it all year round. Here’s how it works:

First, sign up for an Ebates account here. You’ll also get $10 for signing up with my link! Once you have your account set up, you can begin shopping! In the search bar at the top of your account, you can search for companies that you’d like to shop with. There, you’ll see the percentage that you’ll get in cash back from your purchase! Different companies have different cash back amounts, but they average around 6%.

Last week, I used Ebates to purchase a new bench for our entry-way. I knew I wanted to buy it from Target. So I went into my Ebates account and searched for Target. Then clicked through their link to get to I did all my shopping, checked out, and then received my cash back from Ebates! It was seriously that easy.

So if you plan to shop online (whether that be Amazon, Toys-R-Us, Target, Macy’s, etc…) you should definitely check out Ebates! Why not earn extra cash while you shop? This is a great way to save and shop for Christmas 2017 and all online shopping afterwards.

3. Use Credit Card Cash Back For Christmas

Jacob and I save on Christmas a lot this way! We don’t have to put much else into our Christmas fund for the year. Rather, we use our credit card cash back for our Christmas fund each year. We have a credit card that gives us 1.5% cash back on everything. All year long, we let the rewards build up and then in December we cash them out to use for our Christmas shopping!

If you have a credit card with a reward like this, I’d highly recommend using your rewards for Christmas! It’s fun to cash out every year and then you don’t have to worry about saving so much in your Christmas fund.

4. Save on Christmas By Shopping Online

As if Ebates shopping wasn’t good enough, shopping online is sure to help you save money this holiday season. Going to malls this time of year is pure insanity. Driving to the mall wastes gas and so does circling the parking lot multiple times to find a spot. Save your time, sanity and gas money by shopping online this season!

I’ve already started to see UPS delivery workers driving U-Haul trucks. Online shopping is huge in recent years. And many retailers will offer free shipping for the Christmas season. Just make sure you shop online early so that you can get your deliveries before Christmas day!

5. Choose Meaningful Gifts

Rather than spending money just to spend money this Christmas season, focus on buying meaningful gifts for everyone on your list. If you buy someone something random just because you feel you have to, you will absolutely waste money every single time.

So when you’re out shopping this Christmas season, really think through every gift you are purchasing. And make sure that you are spending money on something that every person on your list would appreciate. It may be harder, but it’s a lot more fun, and so much more meaningful! So this season, save on Christmas by really putting an effort in buying gifts that will be valuable to everyone on your list!


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  • Tread Lightly, Retire Early

    December 17, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    We are slowly figuring out our family Christmas traditions now that we have a toddler. It’s definitely difficult balancing the “magic” of Christmas for a kid while keeping things under control. He gets tons of gifts from the whole family so this year we are doing a stocking only. Hoping we can keep up something similar as he gets older.

  • FrugalMoneyMan @

    December 26, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Great post. My fiancee and I don’t have children yet, but I can already tell that it might be more difficult in the future when we do have kids, in terms of budgeting for Christmas. As technology continues to advance, and more teenagers/children have access to it, then marketers will continue to push their products to the youth in MASS. Just as you mention with the iphone X (which is $999), the youth are marketed these products all day on their phones, tablets, ipads, and computers.

    You make a terrific point in how we as families need to redefine our Christmas perspective. It’s easy as adults because we simply appreciate having all of our loved ones in the same room, but it isn’t always the same for the younger ones in the family (not their fault though). By getting in the habit of doing Christmas traditions like family dinners, watching a movie, going to see Christmas lights, etc., it can help reinforce to our children a different perspective on Christmas.

    Terrific post, and I look forward to reading your future pieces of work!

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