• How Small Sacrifices Add Up To Pay Off $78,000 Of Debt

    Hi friends! Today I have a debt-free interview for you from Amber at thegreatbudgetlife.com! She and her husband are working on getting out of some serious debt by making small sacrifices that have sure been adding up. And I’m sure their story will be an encouragement to you if you’re working on your own debt-free journey. Read […]

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    February 18, 2018 By Marissa
  • Paying Off $40,000 Of Debt To Invest In The Future

    Hi everyone! Today I have an awesome debt-free story from Jason. You’ll definitely want to check out his story and visit his blog! Jason is a husband, soon-to-be dad, money aficionado and entrepreneur. He’s passionate about personal finance and writes about everyday money topics to help you achieve your financial goals. When he’s not writing on the blog (www.thewealthhound.com), […]

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    February 11, 2018 By Marissa
  • Budgeting and Digging Graves to Pay Off $72,000 of Debt

    Hi friends! Today I have an awesome debt free interview with Christine from Home Sweet Hectic. She and her family paid off $72,000 of debt in 22 months by budgeting, sacrificing, and working – a lot! I love hearing her story and hope it will be encouraging to you to see that every day people […]

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    December 19, 2017 By Marissa
  • From 4 Mustangs to 4 Jobs and Paying Off Debt

    Today I have a debt-free interview from Matt at thedollarhackers.com who racked up a bit of debt including some student loans and 4 Mustangs! Through taking on a lot of extra work, he’s been able to make a big dent in his debt. Enjoy! 1. How did you get into debt? How much did you have and […]

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    December 11, 2017 By Marissa
  • Live in a Camper and Pay Off $50,000 of Debt

    Hi everyone! Today I have an awesome debt free interview for you with Zack from yourmoneyyourfreedom.com. He and his wife, Jen, made an amazing sacrifice to pay off so much debt. They moved into a camper! Although I must say, it does look pretty cute! Learn more about them and their story below, and check […]

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    December 4, 2017 By Marissa
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