Welcome to The Budgeting Wife!

My name is Marissa and I am a millennial wife from Portland, Oregon with a passion for budgeting, paying off debt (especially student loans), side hustling, and saving money. But I wasn’t always this way.

My story starts in the same way as many other millennials. When I was 17 years old, I decided to attend a private university and spend an arm and a leg to attend. Without fully understanding the hardship and consequence of student loans, I took on serious debt.

Half way through college, I began to realize the implication of debt and the stress of paying it off! I began to see what I could do to save money in tuition and ended up getting a scholarship to be a Resident Assistant (which I absolutely loved) and even graduated college a year early to save a year of tuition! I received my bachelor’s degree in business accounting in May 2015 and continued on to adulthood.

My husband, Jacob, and I met in college and married a couple months after I graduated. When we combined our finances, we learned that we had over $80,000 of student loan debt. Immediately, we came up with a game plan for paying off our loans. We came back from our honeymoon and used our wedding money to pay off our first debt. Then we tried to find ways to increase our income and decrease our expenses.

And within 2.5 years, we paid off $87,000 of student loans on entry-level incomes. 

We rented a small apartment, took public transportation and shopped at cheap grocery stores to save money. We also said no to a lot like vacations and eating out with friends. The biggest and craziest thing we did was move in with my parents to save money on rent and finish our student loans that much sooner!

We work hard in our careers (me in accounting and Jacob in marketing) to advance with the next promotion. We have also taken jobs with higher salaries. I started a side hustle to generate more income to make larger student loan payments.

The Budgeting Wife blog was created in May 2016 because of my desire to share our journey and money-saving, debt-paying and side-hustling tips with others. This blog has turned from a hobby into a business and I love every minute that I get to create content and grow my platform.

There are a few main things I hope my readers can gain from reading my blog:

  1. No matter your income, you can pay off debt if you’re willing to sacrifice
  2. Budgeting doesn’t have to be difficult and can truly change your life
  3. It’s totally worth it in the end

I hope that you’ll join me on this adventure as we learn more about personal finance together and change the world one budget at a time.


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