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5 Ways To Save In 2018

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Hi, everyone! 2018 is up and running and many people made financial resolutions. If you’re looking for ways to save in 2018, then you’re in luck! Just about everything in 2018 is digital. Which also means that there are a lot of ways to save money online! Here are 5 ways to save in 2018:


One of my favorite ways to save money is by shopping with Ebates. Ebates is FREE to sign up with. And you earn free money when you shop online! Here’s how it works:

Simply sign up for a free account (and earn $10 with my link when you make your first $25 purchase!). Then search for places you shop in the search bar on the site. There are so many stores that you can shop with. And each offers a different cash back percentage. From places like Target, Amazon, Macy’s, Toys-R-Us and everything in between, there’s just about every store on Ebates!

When you find the store you want to shop with, simply follow Ebates’ link to the online store! You can then make a purchase like normal on your favorite shopping websites. Then in a couple days, your money earned from the cash back percentage will appear in your account! It’s literally that easy. And Ebates will send you a check with your earnings.

Ebates is a FREE and easy way to save and make extra money when you make normal online purchases! I personally use Ebates every time I shop online!


Drop is another site that you can use to save money! I recommend downloading the app in the App Store.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for an account and choose 5 places that you typically spend at. There’s stores like Starbucks, Safeway, Target and more. Then, you link your credit card to your drop account. When you go to one of your selected stores and swipe your card, you’ll earn points for every dollar you spend! Then you get to redeem those points for gift cards later!

After you download and create your account, go to your profile, then to “have a code” and enter my code “i2jfu” to earn 1,000 free points to start!

My tip? Use Ebates for online shopping and Drop for shopping in person!


Looking to pay off student loans in 2018? An awesome way to save on student loans is by refinancing to a lower interest rate. With LendEDU, you can easily find a lower interest rate for your student loans.

Check out their free rate-finder tool. You only have to answer a few simple questions, and it doesn’t affect your credit score or take your social security number. Then LendEDU will show you a list of all possible rates you can refinance to. From there, you can apply for the rate option that you prefer.

Refinancing your student loans to a lower rate will save you significantly in loan payments. I hated paying for interest when I was paying off my loans. So refinancing with LendEDU will help lower your interest rate so you can become debt-free faster!


One of the best ways to save in 2018 is with honey! I love using coupon codes when online shopping. Honey makes it easy for me to find coupons for any store that I’m shopping with.

Simply sign up for a free account with my link. Then search for the store that you are wanting to shop at. You will then get a list of all coupons that are being offered at the store! Simply copy the coupon code and paste it into the promo code section when you check out. It never hurts to search for a coupon before you make a purchase!


If you have some money in your fun budget but are still looking to save, check out Groupon! Groupon is full of local deals on restaurants and experience that every millennial can appreciate. It also has amazing travel deals!

Before you spend your fun money, check out Groupon to see what promotions they have running!

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