• The One Thing I Regret NOT Spending On

    I am definitely a saver. Always have been. Even since I was a little kid and put all my birthday and Christmas money into my piggy bank. I am wired to save (honestly, it’s in my family’s blood). 99% of the time, I’m thankful that I’m a saver and don’t regret saving. But there is […]

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    June 28, 2017 By Marissa
  • Saving On Venue And Food

    Once I got engaged, everyone immediately asked me, “what’s the date?” I don’t know the date yet… I barely have a ring on my finger! But picking a date is the next thing to do, and this means finding a venue. Venue The weekend after Jacob and I got engaged, we started looking at venues. […]

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    September 27, 2016 By thebudgetingwife
  • Planning a wedding on a budget

    Fall is in the air, which means it’s becoming engagement season! Lots of couples are working on that “ring by spring” and wedding planning is beginning! I’ve been married for 14 months now, and I know from experience how chaotic and stressful it can be to plan a wedding. Especially when you’re trying to stay […]

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    September 20, 2016 By Marissa
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